Many years ago, I went on a short holiday with my husband to the beautiful city of Bath. Bath is a lovely place, and we enjoyed ourselves very much, but while I was there, something rather strange happened to me.

One day, as we strolled around the lanes, visiting little shops and art galleries, restaurants and cafes, I spotted a young homeless girl. Slumped by the gutter, she looked dejected and lonely. And suddenly, I felt myself shaking from head to toe as though the very Spirit of God was nudging me. But what could I do? I suffer from poor health and I am not wealthy, but next to this young woman, I was rich.

I felt, overwhelmingly, that I had to go and pray with her, but not everyone wants that, and I didn't wish to offend - a fact which made me even more nervous. And so, I tottered over on wobbly legs. She didn't mind, in fact she was happy to allow me to chat and pray with her. She told me her name, which I won't share with you. I didn't ask about anything else; I didn't want to be intrusive. I gave her what I felt I could afford and left, wondering what could have happened to her to place her in this awful situation.

We came home, but she was on my mind and in my prayers for a long time. Years later, I found myself writing this story. At the time, I was not an author and had no ideas of being one. Jeannie is not her name, Where Angels Tread is not her story - but maybe, it will give you some insight into just one of the many reasons people become homeless.

And now, I can give something back. Barnabus - a charity for the homeless based in Manchester - have given me permission to use their logo, and all my royalties from authorised outlets (not second-hand book sellers or unauthorised outlets - please contact me if you're in doubt) for sales of eBooks, audio books and paperbacks will be donated to Barnabus.

So please help me to help them. Buy yourself a copy of Where Angels Tread. Buy your friends copies. Give them for birthday and Christmas gifts, knowing every penny of the royalties will be going to this wonderful charity.

Find more about Barnabus and the wonderful work they do by copying and pasting this link into your browser: