I'm starting to get excited. Book two in the Out of Time series will soon be ready for publication. I'm doubly thrilled about this because when I wrote Out of Time, I had no idea it was going to turn into a series. However, as so many authors find - my characters ran away with the plot. Characters who only had tiny roles in book 1 suddenly wanted a bigger part. Others had health issues and took a back seat. Prince John, as ever, although with a completely full calendar, muscled his way in and I would never be surprised to find his mother isn't far behind him. Well, someone has to keep an eye on him.
I have a brand new cover designer - the awesome Cat Helms of Avalon Graphics and a lovely new editor, Nicky Galliers of Sic Est Verum, who specialises in the era.

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I'm very new to newsletters so there may be a few teething problems and hiccups, however, once I have the hang of it, I promise not to inundate your inbox. I am hoping to provide exclusive early peeks at Out of Time related stuff and notifications of freebies and special offers once I get going.

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I'll also let you know the moment Book Two - which is called A Promise to Keep, is on the shelves.

Until then - take care, and happy reading.