Some of you may have noticed that my writing has taken an unexpected turn. I went for a wander in Writing Woods, took a different turning than usual and ended up down Short Story Lane. And I found I liked it.
My first foray into fiction, a novelette, Where Angels Tread, came out in March 2014, and was followed by two collections of short stories, Beautiful and Four Christmases.
My fourth work of fiction, actually my eighth book in total, Out of Time, is a novel which starts in 2006 but quickly moves to 1191. I'm very excited about this, and I hope you will be too.
Out of Time will be released in paperback and ebook format on 17th July, and the ebook is already available to pre-order on Amazon.
Where Angels Tread and Four Christmases are also available from Amazon in audio format. I am hoping the others will follow shortly.