I'm delighted to say Blossom on the Thorn is getting some great reviews. There aren't many on Amazon yet, which is a bit of a disappointment, I confess, but several bloggers have posted some very encouraging ones. 

Helen Hollick's Discovering Diamonds BlogSpot has shortlisted it for Book of the Month and awarded it a very nice badge and some lovely comments. I'll post a tiny snippet of the review here, and you can follow the link to read the rest.
"A beautiful, heart-wrenching love story..." Mary Chapple.

And The Naked Reviewer has this to say:
"Here before me was a delightful and very serious historical fiction set in medieval England. I felt completely swept away and ready to live in this enchanting, if often brutal, world of the past." Diana Andersen
"A realistic glimpse into the past, of life and society in medieval times, the historical accuracy makes this much more than a simple romance." Terence Vickers
"I would place Loretta Livingstone up there with Victoria Holt, who has always been one of my favourite authors." Karen Vincent Meyer

If you have read Blossom on the Thorn and enjoyed it, maybe you would be kind enough to review it with a few sentences on Amazon or Goodreads.