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 2016 Historical Novel Society Indie Award

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            Here's what Nikki McSweeney of the British Bobsleigh team said about one of the poems in the book Hopes, Dreams & Medals!
"So 'Adrenaline Junkie', I like the poem, as an adrenaline junkie when you read it, it makes sense, we do things to get our adrenaline going, almost to the risk of death. As extreme as it may sound that is what gets the adrenaline pumping. Like with bobsleigh its a high risk sport, as with skiing and such things as bungee jumping. 
When you read through the poem, as I read it, I read it faster as I go through it up until 'You need the bright excitement'. After then I read it slower, as if I've got the the bottom of a bobsleigh run or at the bottom of the mountain after I've skied down it. Its almost that breath of relief you're taking that you have survived

I love it!!!! I feel it gives me the same feeling that I do at the end of the bob run.... like I want to do it again!!!"

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Out of Time

£ 6.55 

Short listed for 2016 HNS Indie Award.


Historical and time travel fiction set partly in 1191, partly in the present day.

For many years, the old tree stood alone as history unfolded around it. It watched and waited, guarding its secrets well. Today, the heat enveloped it in a shimmering haze. Although there was no breeze, the leaves began to tremble. A low hum seemed to come from deep within.

As Marion stumbled towards it that sultry spring day, how could she have know she was the one it had been waiting for? How could she have guessed it would draw her into the very fabric of time? How could she have imagined the danger she would face? For the tree was the gateway between two worlds.


 "I loved this story."  Helen Hollick

Papeback also available The Book Depository, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Price includes p&p of £1.56


Beautiful and other short stories

£ 5.99 


Beautiful: She spent her whole life wishing she was beautiful.

The Good Friend: Would you want a friend like Sabrina?

The New Office Assistant: Everybody wanted her - but who would get her?

The Good Samaritan: Be careful. People aren't always what they seem.

On The Wings Of Love: Dilys had won her dream wedding - but was there a catch?

Just some of the 13 delightful tales included in this book. Feel-good, upbeat stories. Enjoy them with coffee and a cake, but watch out for the twists. 

Price £4.45 plus £1.54 post and packing.


Where Angels Tread

£ 5.14 

Jeannie: Innocent and shy. Kicked out by her mother, Rita.

Matt: Predatory and dangerous. Is it really Rita he wants?

Rod and Carla on a romantic city break and Jeremy, just seven years old, out with his dad.

And just who exactly is Mike? Could there be more to him than meets the eye?

Strangers whose lives are destined to cross more than once and change forever.

The price comprises of £3.60 book price, plus £1.54 post and packing.

"As soon as I started reading this novelette by Loretta Livingstone, I didn't want to put it down." Cathy Woodman



Rhythms of Life

£ 5.23 

57 more poems about love, God, seasons, and humorous situations. My most recent book. Available from 15/11/2013. Also available from Amazon as paperback and ebook.

This price comprises of £3.69 for the book, plus £1.54 p&p.

For overseas sales, pease contact me or purchase via Amazon. This book is also available on Amazon Kindle.


Four Christmases

£ 4.54 


Four sparkling short stories to warm your heart.

Joey's Christmas: Will Joey's young heart be broken this Christmas?

Sophie's Reward: However will Sophie survive the tedium of their Christmas guest?

Street Christmas: What if...?

A Very Special Christmas: It was Anisha's first Christmas in the UK. Would she be as lonely as she feared?

A little book of Christmas delights.


Sophie's Reward also features in Beautiful and other short stories.


Price comprises of £3.00 book plus £1.54 pp


ebook can be downloaded from Amazon



JUMPING in the PUDDLES of LIFE (Black and White Version ONLY)

£ 5.69 

A selection of 56 pages of verse. Funny, Uplifting, Spiritual. You'll find something for everyone here. This book is also available as an IBook (£2.49) or with fabulous full colour pictures (8.95) but only from the link below. Black and White only (Coloured Cover) sold from this bookstore. ebook also available on Amazon.

Please note, prices are for paperbacks, and to UK mainland ONLY. Please contact me for overseas sales.

The price comprises of £4.15 book price plus £1.54 post and packing.

cover photo by Kika Terremoto DJ!/pages/kika/92557641406



Hopes, Dreams & Medals

£ 7.49 

35 inspirational (and sometimes funny!) poems all printed on glorious pictures. Yes, about competitions, but also about courage, determination and achievement. About the will to succeed. Let the words inspire you to reach for your dreams.

Please note, prices are for paperbacks, and to UK mainland ONLY. Please contact me for overseas sales. 

The price comprises of £5.95 book price, plus £1.54 post and packing


Photos for Hopes, Dreams & Medals by Nicola Louisa Sharp


Fire and Ice

£ 7.49 

Please note, prices are for paperbacks, and to UK mainland ONLY. Please contact me for overseas sales.

Fire and Ice, a beautiful book of 35 verses to make you laugh a little, sigh a little, cry a little and maybe pray a little. All printed on fabulous pictures of the Cairngorms and Chilterns.

The price comprises of £5.95 book price plus £1.54 post and packing.





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