Out of Time 

I'm very proud to be able to add this fab review by the well-respected historical fiction author, Helen Hollick:

I loved this story: it has clever dialogue, the history is brought to life and the timeslip element is exciting, intriguing and perhaps even more important - very believable. (Although maybe there are a couple of quibbles about plausibility....but these sort of quibbles could be applied to any timeslip-type novel and this is fiction - good fiction at that!)
My only regret is that the story wasn't longer - when something is written as well as this you really don't want the end to come too soon!

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The Historical Novel Society have also been kind enough to post a review for Out of Time, which you can read here: https://historicalnovelsociety.org/?post_type=&s=Loretta+Livingstone&submit=Search

Out of Time has also received a review on Discovering Diamonds:

'...Ms Livingstone has proved her worth as a creditable, skilled, and entertaining writer.
Mary Chapple, Discovering Diamonds Blogspot.


 You will already have seen Nikki McSweeney's review on my main page. Here are just a few more:


I am thrilled to have a review from the well know author Cathy Woodman, who has been kind enough to allow me to share the personal message she sent me.

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Heidi Peltier

I have read all of this author's work, and this collection is her best by far! The Cat and the Christmas Tree (yeah, you can already guess how that's going to go, right! It's funny!) and Less is More are sure to make you laugh! Two Halves and Far Ahead will melt your heart and make you fall in love with love! But The Unseen Rose and The Mountain, in my opinion, are the very best poems this author has ever written . They are beautifully written and provide vivid imagery and a message that can very easily be applied to life. Rhythms of Life is a collection of 57 poems about love, life, nature, the human spirit, God and faith, and sometimes quirky things you would never expect a poem to be about (see Junk Mail). She can also surprise you with a twist somewhere in the poem (see Valentine). I highly recommend this collection as well as all of her others, whether you are a fan of poetry or not, everyone will find something in this book to love!
Visit Heidi Peltier's profile on Goodreads to find out more about her books: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7011985.Heidi_Peltier

This is the second collection of poetry I have read from this author, and it is nowhere near as good as the first collection; it far exceeds it. Whilst reading this I was aware of how much the Author had grown since they wrote their first collection, not only in content  in writing style. Whether you burnt out on poetry at school, or looking for a way to introduce poetry into your reading; if you pick up this small collection of 57 poems you will not be disappointed.This collection covers everything about life the reader could think of from love to junk mail and beyond. My favourite poems in this collection, and by far the best work to date from this Author, are The Mountain and The Unseen Rose. Through reading these it is apparent that the Author has finally found her stride and the words just flow off the page and through the mind long after the book has been laid aside.I highly recommend this collection, as well as her early works, to lovers of poetry or any reader that is looking for a piece of work that speaks to them.

Cate Agosta USA


Jumping in the Puddles of Life was a delight to read. Loretta Livingstone's poems go from fun to deeply spiritual, but throughout they carry the message how life is to be lived and enjoyed through the good and bad times.

Loretta your poetry book was a delight to read. Loved it. My favourite poem was the Ballad of the Creme Egg. ROFL

S.S. Canada

I read all your poems in between jobs. Wow! They are great. Some, I smiled at, some, I laughed at, some, I just had to read to my aunt sitting at the table with me. Others,I felt touched by your faith and mine. It was good lighthearted reading that I could identify with in different parts of my life as well. I will read them all again.


Hopes, Dreams & Medals

This book of poems by Loretta Livingstone is awesome! She puts you right in the thick of the emotions that could be felt during the Olympics. You can feel the rush of excitement, challenges, highs and lows, and anticipation of the athletes competing. You understand just how proud family and friends are of the athletes they are cheering on. You can sense the atmosphere of the crowds routing for their country to take first place. The photos (by Nicola Sharp) are gorgeous and a wonderful accompaniment to the beautiful poems, and complete the book. 

I found this book inspiring, motivational, and moving, and would highly recommend it. Loretta, you have a great heart and spirit. God bless you for writing it - loved it!!

Erica Hood, United States.

Loretta has such a fantastic range. her poems can be faithful, inspirational, funny or just plain cute. I'm a big fan of the Olympics and sports in general, and I could find so many of my own emotions in these poems. My Boy is one of my favourites because it describes me, the true soccer mum, to a T! And King of Speed is just without a doubt my younger son! Thank you so much, Loretta, for your beautiful words that express what I often feel but can't describe. Wonderful book!

Heidi Peltier, Author. United States.

Received Hopes, Dreams & Medals, thank you! I loved them all but one of my favourites has to be Accidental Bob. Also Active-Passive Skier makes me think of me.

M. Stenning, U.K.

Your book, Hopes, Dreams & Medals, arrived this morning, and it is fantastic!...You put a little note on the inside cover, "Hoping you will enjoy this particular 'cup of tea'." Well, I really did! I sat down and read it, and it straightaway made me both laugh and (nearly) cry because it went straight to my heart!! That's what poetry is all about. It is beautifully put together, and contemporary, and not only does it scream out your own enjoyment of the Olympic events, and winter Sports, and the coming together of the nations, it discreetly booms out about our great Champion Himself! It certainly shines through how much you love what you do. The Olympics and Winter Sports - you have made them your very own.

C. Asquith, U.K.

Fire and Ice

Thanks so much for the books, they arrived today. Once opened, I delved into my copy - I'm in awe. It's exquisite. The poems are so full of feeling, and mean so much. And the photography complements them.

S. Lovett, U.K.

This is a Must Read. It will make you laugh and inspire you. If you haven't ordered a copy, please do. I love mine.

A.G. United States





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