Out of Time is the first in a series of books all set in medieval England around the late twelfth century.


Giles de Soutenay has never liked or trusted John, Count of Mortain, heir to Richard the Lionheart, but when John is taken seriously ill, it falls to Giles to ensure his survival. To do otherwise would be treason, wouldn't it?


Marion Hart, visiting the ruined Abbey of Sparnstow, could never have imagined she would be called upon to help save one of the most dangerous men of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Falling through a gap in time, she finds herself administering first aid to John, inadvertently endangering both herself and Giles.

Meanwhile, Hildegarde, Abbess of Sparnstow, playing unwilling host to John, has secrets of her own.


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Reviews for Out of Time:

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved this story: it has clever dialogue, the history is 
brought to life and the timeslip element is exciting, 
intriguing and perhaps even more important - very 
believable. (Although maybe there are a couple of quibbles
about plausibility...but these sort of quibbles could be 
applied to any timeslip-type novel and this is fiction - good

fiction at that!)

My only regret is that the story wasn't longer - when

something is written as well as this you really don't want 

the end to come too soon!

As Managing Editor of the Historical Novel Society Indie 

Reviews I was delighted that Out Of Time received the 
well-deserved accolade of Editor's Choice.

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Jo Barton, Historical Novel Society

Dual time narratives can sometimes seem a little clumsy, 
but not so with this story, which, with clever dialogue,
manages to be convincing of both time and place. The 
medieval world is brought to life, and even though the plot 
seems a little improbable - I won't give away why I thought 
that, as it would spoil the story - but it worked because the
writing was so convincing. It is always a difficult concept to
make travelling through time seem believable, but Marion's
time travel experience was done with a lovely realism
which is all too often lacking in time slip stories.

The well defined chapters clearly show where the story sits
chronologically, and the modern day settings are clearly
different, both in terms of dialogue and in the explanation
of events. The story is succinct in terms of dialogue and in 
the explanation of events. The story is succinct, coming in 
at just about two hundred pages, and my first thought was 
that it could have been longer, but then on reflection I think
 that all had been said and done, and the story was allowed
to wrap up nicely.

The book is professionally finished to a high standard. The
author clearly loves writing and is skilled in the art of story-
telling. It is not packed with historical detail and there are a
few pedantic quibbles about plausibility - but that's what 
makes fiction into fiction, and an enjoyable read, whether it
 is truth or imagination is immaterial. I enjoyed it - a light, 
easy read.

Historical Novel Society:

Discovering Diamonds Review Site

Ms Livingstone has proved her worth as a creditable,
skilled, and entertaining writer.

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